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America contains no to pitch China about taking responsibility for reining in North Korea as tensions around the peninsula really are a strong consequence of US measures and is actually a troublemaker, the state People's Everyday paper said on Friday. Its flow involves the Un Headquarters, government agencies of the United States and Canada, universities, thinktanks, main financial institutions and many high tech companies. The new-media, together with the China site as its core of Daily, has built an around-the- multi-channel, time news distribution system. The iPad application of Daily was launched at App-Store, the world's greatest mobile software software store in September 2009.

The United Daily News-Group writes United Daily Information, Combined Evening News, Financial Daily News, Min Sheng Pao Daily News, Star Daily News, Old Regular, Worldwide Daily News of Thailand, Oriental renmin ribao Daily Newsof Ny, Asian Daily News of Vancouver, Oriental Daily Announcement of Toronto, Asian Daily News of Bay Area, Chinese Daily Announcement of La, and Europe Diary of London.

24 pages are, published by the flagship paper launched on June 1, Daily, 1981 Friday to Friday on Thursday and Sunday. It includes magazine-model in-depth reporting and analysis and aids comment the world” and realize China. It was the only nationwide magazine certified by the government that is main to create in Hongkong when Hongkong returned to China.
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